Students and professor in architecture class.

Honors Council

The Honors Council is a body of faculty, students, and alumni that offers guidance and counsel to the Director of the Honors College. This important committee plays an essential part in assuring that Honors education at the University at Buffalo remains challenging and relevant in a changing world, while setting the highest standards for innovation and pedagogy across campus.

Honors Council Members

Kathy Boje, Associate Professor, Vice Chair and Director
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Yu-Ping Chang, Associate Professor
School of Nursing

Millie Chen, Professor, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Visual Studies

Elizabeth Fox-Solomon, Confidential Law Clerk to the Hon. Erin M. Peradotto, NYS Supreme Court
Honors Alumnus

Walt Hakala, Assistant Professor, Honors Faculty Fellow

Stacy Hubbard, Associate Professor, Honors Faculty Fellow

Phil Kiernan, Professor, Honors Faculty Fellow

Kemper Lewis, Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
School of Management

Jeanette Ludwig, Associate Professor
Romance Languages and Literatures

Patrick McDevitt, Associate Professor, Honors Faculty Fellow

Lance Rintamaki, Associate Professor, Honors Faculty Fellow

Mike Ryan, Professor Emeritus
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Korydon Smith, Associate Professor

Dan Sperrazza, Managing Partner at Green Eagle Capital LLC
Honors Alumnus

Jennifer Surtees, Associate Professor

Lillie Wiley-Upshaw, Vice Dean for Admissions and Student Life
Law School

Student Representatives

Bradley Jensen
Major: Biomedical Science

Tara Strade
Major: Psychology

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