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Advanced Honors Program

The Advanced Honors Program was created for students who have outstanding academic records. Advanced Honors Scholars receive formal recognition for their exceptional achievements and have the unique opportunity to do advanced, graduate-level research. Working closely with faculty who are experts in their fields, Advanced Honors Scholars carry out research projects that culminate in senior theses of publication quality. The program provides a challenging and diverse academic curriculum; honors course requirements ensure in-depth coverage in the major field, while the breadth requirement provides a balance to avoid over-specialization in one particular area. As a result, Advanced Honors Scholars develop into some of the university’s most intellectually independent and ambitious students. In fact, the majority of Advanced Honors Scholars choose to study multiple disciplines and pursue double majors or double degrees.

The Advanced Honors Program is an integral part of the University Honors College, which has graduated some of UB’s finest students—true pioneers who have gone on to excel at top graduate and professional programs and carve out remarkable careers. If you are such a person with the desire and intellect described above, please contact us at 716-645-3020, or stop in to 106 Capen Hall for further information.

Last updated: March 12, 2014 6:57 am EST