UB Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education with two UB Honors alumni.

Alumni in the News

September 23, 2014: Ahead of the Herd-Twitter Developer Max Bileschi (Honors 13') on how he got his start.


June 28, 2014: Adventures in an Urban Jungle. "Buffalo" Brad Hahn discusses his adventures as the Executive Director for tour company Explore Buffalo.


October 27, 2013: The Art of Conquering Graffiti: Public Project Beautifies University Heights. See how Honors Alums Darren Cotton and Aaron Krolikowski are helping to clean up the University Heights.


September 27, 2013: Another Voice: School Teams Must Monitor Closely for Concussions.

Honors Alumnus Scott Darling, MD, discusses the technology available to monitor concussions.


June 27, 2013: Medical Students Honored for Community Service, Diversity. Congratulations to Honors Alumnus Adam Korus and his fellow students for their work with Lighthouse Free Medical Clinic!

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