Architectural detail of a building on UB's South Campus.

Seneca Street


UB Honors College students have the option of providing tutoring assistance to either elementary and middle school students OR high school students. The program is structured into three parts: homework help, enrichment activity, and dinner. Honors College students participate in all three aspects of the program, providing tutoring in either math, science, English, or social studies, helping to run/running one of the enrichment activities (science club, fitness class, or arts and crafts) and distributing dinner to the after-school students.

Examples of Previous Service Projects at this Community Partner:

Previous Student Testimonials:

“We usually get there [Seneca Street Church] at about 2:45, and until 3:30 we watch and play with the kids on the playground. For me this usually involves pushing this adorable little girl on the tire swing, or playing a land version of the game Marco Polo. After, the kids are broken up into age groups and do homework for an hour. I usually work with the sixth graders and help primarily with English and math. Honestly, I had forgotten how hard math was with the aid of a super-fancy calculator; fortunately, the kids and I are usually able to work together and figure out the answers. I am always amazed at how smart the kids are and how open and friendly they always act.” ~ Vicki

Characteristics needed to be a Seneca Street Tutor:

*PLEASE NOTE that the hours of operation listed above may be subject to change. These are simply the POTENTIAL days and times that your service might occur during (and are largely based on student schedules from the previous year). ALL FINAL schedules will be determined in conjunction with your Community Partner Supervisor and Honors Teaching Assistant at the beginning of the FALL semester. The Honors College does everything it can to accommodate both your schedule and the needs of the Community Partner.

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