Architectural detail of a building on UB's South Campus.

University Heights Tool Library


Founded by two former UB Honors Alumni, the University Heights Tool Library (UHTL) does way more than simply lend out home improvement tools. UHTL serves as the center of the University Heights revitalization movement. They develop a multitude of projects every year and assign groups of our honors students to try and accomplish some of them. Students will get to choose which projects they would like to work on and are allowed to "run" with these. UHTL is looking for bright, charismatic and innovative students with great ideas and a passion for transforming the University Heights Community (areas around UB South Campus)

Examples of Previous Service Projects at this Community Partner:

Previous Student Testimonials:

“So far, we have had two team-meetings at the University Heights Tool Library, and each time, we walked around University Heights to see the area that we will be working on. Taking these tours around University Heights helped me to visualize what needs to be accomplished by our project. The manager of the tool library, Aaron Krolikowski, not only showed us areas that have already been improved by the tool library’s programs, but also the areas that still need to be improved. I was amazed at how many different structures people decide to deface with graffiti…Next in our process of planning is to go to businesses and ask their permission for removing graffiti on their property. We also hope to get volunteers together and to go out with our volunteers to tag and remove graffiti. Since I am part of the communications group within our service team, I have been involved in the advertisement aspect of the project, trying to get volunteers interested in our project. The other side of the project is our logistics group, who will be gathering the information on graffiti removal materials and dividing the work among the volunteer groups. The teamwork and trust that is involved in this project has already made this a better team and will make the end result that much more fulfilling.” ~ Lynn

Characteristics needed to work at the UHTL:

*PLEASE NOTE that the hours of operation listed above may be subject to change. These are simply the POTENTIAL days and times that your service might occur during (and are largely based on student schedules from the previous year). ALL FINAL schedules will be determined in conjunction with your Community Partner Supervisor and Honors Teaching Assistant at the beginning of the FALL semester. The Honors College does everything it can to accommodate both your schedule and the needs of the Community Partner.

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