Group of students walking on UB's North campus.

HonoraBull Scholarship

The HonoraBull Scholarship was developed to support change agents in the Honors College.

Our most civic-minded scholars have the opportunity to apply for the HonoraBull Scholarship which provides them with funds to pursue a project that aims to fulfill a particular need, service or otherwise enhance the community. Entrepreneurship is encouraged and supported through this scholarship opportunity.

The HonoraBull Scholarship is made possible through the fundraising efforts of the HonoraBull Student Philanthropy Team, whose mission is to “to foster a sense of commitment to the Honors College and the success of its students through philanthropic education and activities.” Their aim is to increase student’s philanthropic contributions and provide an opportunity for students to help other students. Annually the student philanthropy team develops and executes a number of fundraisers including Operation BankaBull and the Cardboard Regatta.

Applications (PDF) are accepted on a rolling basis and typically reviewed at the end of each month by the HonoraBull Scholarship Committee (which may be comprised of Honors College students, alumni, faculty and staff). Funded applications typically receive up to $500, though larger awards are possible if warranted.

Please note: All awards received by a student must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid. You will be notified if this award impacts your eligibility for other types of financial assistance. In most cases, your financial aid eligibility will remain unchanged due to the expenses associated with your research.

Last updated: October 24, 2017 10:33 am EST