UB Honors Council members in the lobby of the Honors College.

Honors Student Council

The Honors Student Council, or HSC, strives to foster a close-knit community of UB Honors Scholars. All scholars in the Honors College are by default members of HSC and encouraged to participate in any HSC meetings and events.


  1. Regularly hosting a wide variety of events that reflect the diverse perspectives of Honors scholars,
  2. Defining and leading service initiatives, to help sustain interest in Honors’ culture of service,
  3. Supporting academic and professional growth of students by providing a platform through which to connect students of similar interests and aspirations,
  4. Fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between current Honors scholars and alumni, and
  5. Connecting Honors scholars with the greater Buffalo community.

Honors Student Council Officers

Portrait of Alexandra Van HallAlexandra Van Hall - President - akvanhal@buffalo.edu
Hi everyone! I'm Alexandra Van Hall and I'm going to be your HSC President this year! I'm a junior chemistry major with an interest in drug discovery and mathematics. In my free time I enjoy baking cupcakes and cake pops, playing flute, and volunteering both in Buffalo and abroad. I've been involved with HSC for the past two years, first as a general body member and then as the Director of Public Service! I'm really excited for HSC this year-my goal is to get more people involved with HSC and building a strong community! Feel free to email me with any questions about how to get involved!

Portrait of Ryan HauserRyan Hauser - Secretary - ryanhaus@buffalo.edu
Hey, everyone! My name is Ryan and I'll be serving as your HSC Secretary for the academic year. I'm a business administration major, a philosophy minor, and a member of the global scholars program at UB. While at UB I've been on a two service trips (Ecuador and The Dominican Republic) and a winter session study abroad to Hong Kong. I hope to bring a lot to HSC this year and to make this an eventful year for all of us. If you have any questions regarding business courses, travel abroad, the Honors College, or anything at all, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kelsey Gage - Director of Public Relations- kelseyga@buffalo.edu
Hey everyone! My name's Kelsey and I'm a junior Theatre Performance and Communication double major. I've been getting a lot more involved with Honors recently, going on the Alternative Spring Break Trip to the Dominican Republic and becoming an Honors Ambassador. But most of my time is dedicated to theatre. You can find me hanging around the CFA most days, either rehearsing, memorizing lines, or working for the CFA Production Team. I love meeting new people so don't hesitate to approach me! I can't wait to start working with HSC on all of the great events we have planned!

Portrait of Patricia JohnsonPatricia Johnson - Director of Public Service - pnjohnso@buffalo.edu
Hi, my name is Patricia Johnson. I am a sophomore chemistry and international studies double major with a biological science minor. I'm not quite sure what I would like to do after school yet, but one method I use to help figure that out is volunteer experience which is why I wanted to work with the Honors Student Council as the Director of Public Service. My goals in this position for the 2014-2015 academic year are to increase involvement in Honors service days as well as UB-wide service events by increasing their advertising and asking student opinions of service partners; to encourage students to become involved in more long-term individual service work by providing easy access to the contact information of a large variety of service organizations in and around Buffalo; and to highlight the benefits of volunteering both as part of a group and as an individual.

Kamruddin (Sami) Kader - Director of Activities - kamruddi@buffalo.edu
Hey guys! I'm Kamruddin Kader but Kamruddin's a mouthful so please call me Sami. I am one of the Co-Directors of Activities for the Honors Student Council. I am a sophomore this year majoring in Biomedical Sciences. I'm involved in a lot of clubs on campus such as AED, APMS and UB ACES so if you're in any of these clubs, look out for me. When I'm not in class or otherwise occupied with work or internships, I can be found lazing around in the lounge doing homework, talking to people, eating, indulging in tea, or reading a book. I love meeting new people and talking to them so if you see me around feel free to say hi. I look forward to getting to know you better and can't wait to see you at some of the awesome events that we have planned this year.

Additional positions include Members-at-Large and community liaisons. These students have agreed to represent the interests of scholars from residential or academic communities.

HSC Events

Honors Student Council hosts various social events throughout the year to help keep Honors Scholars connected. Previous events include:

If you are a current Honors College Scholar, please check out UBLinked and our Blog for more information on events and meetings.

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