Hayes Hall on UB's South Campus

Mrs. Jessica DiPasquale

Academic Advisor

Jessica DiPasquale

The University Honors College has always been a part of UB’s campus that truly intrigued me with the forward-thinking and holistic advising philosophy as well as the many opportunities the Honors College affords to Honors Scholars. The “small college” feel within a large university is certainly one of the qualities that appealed to me about the Honors College because of the unique experience Honors Scholars are able to have through this model. As an Academic Advisor in the Honors College I am able to connect with students from the time they are prospective Honors Scholars through the completion of their degree program by helping to advise them through their academic journey at UB in a variety of ways including course selection, change of or addition of major, internships and research opportunities. In addition to my primary responsibility of academic advising students who are considering careers in prehealth fields, I am the Undergraduate Advisement Counsel (UAC) liaison for the Honors College, coordinate the College’s advising practices and communications along with also coordinating a peer mentoring program for incoming Honors Scholars.

In my free time I enjoy running, cooking, refurbishing furniture and trying to find Buffalo’s best greasy spoon breakfast spot (the list is ever-growing).

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