Mr. Darius Melvin

Assistant Director & Honors College Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

Darius Melvin

As an alumnus of UB‘s Graduate School of Education, I‘m elated to be part of the UB Honors College community. I‘m from Rochester, NY but have had the pleasure of living in eight different cities; including a stint in Beijing, China. Prior to joining the Honors College, I taught and advised high schools students on a variety of topics. In addition to education, I‘ve worked in logistics, publishing, co-founded an Ed Tech Start-Up and city planning.

I received my bachelor‘s degree from Johnson C. Smith University, a historically black college in Charlotte, North Carolina. There, I studied International Business and Computer Engineering while learning Mandarin Chinese. Studying Mandarin led to an incredible study abroad experience in Beijing, where I ultimately worked in the Chinese Capitol for nearly two years.

My wife and I are proud to call Buffalo home. We welcomed our first child in 2019; so when I‘m not advising, I‘m likely spending time with them at one of the many fun places around Buffalo!

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