UB Alumni.

Welcome Honors Alumni!

It is our hope to keep you connected to both UB and the Honors College. Honors Today, the official Honors Alumni magazine is published twice a year and sent to all Honors alumni. Please keep us updated with your current address in order to receive our mailings. Also, make sure to update your personal information for future issues. If you would like to include a photo of you and/or your family, please email it to Jessica Seabury at jseabury@buffalo.edu.

Honors Today Alumni Magazine

Take a look at our award winning Honors alumni magazine—Honors Today. See what our alumni are doing, as well as our current Honors Scholars and the faculty who have been an integral part of our program!

A Peek inside the Fall 2017 Issue of Honors Today

We hope you enjoy reading the stories included in this issue and appreciate the ways in which the alumni, faculty and students featured have taken chances in order to change lives.

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