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Honors Colloquium

This site provides incoming Honors Scholars with information on the community organizations our freshmen honors students have the option of partnering with in conjunction with their Honors Colloquium course during their second semester at UB.

Honors Colloquium is a two-credit service-learning course which all Honors College freshmen are required to take in the spring semester. Through tours, guest speakers, readings, and most importantly, 20 hours of service in the community, students will learn about the challenges and opportunities currently facing the city of Buffalo. This course can be viewed as an intermediary phase in the students’ development as engaged citizens. Over the course of the semester, the students’ stories will unfold through both their service and their written and oral reflections; this journey of self-discovery and community awareness will ideally encourage students to appreciate the powerful agency they can affect as engaged citizens of their world. Specifically, the course introduces first-year Honors College students to civic engagement in the city of Buffalo through interdisciplinary dialogues. Students explore divergent perspectives through real world experiences, classroom reflection, self-discovery, intellectual engagement, and an organized service activity that addresses a specific need in the community. Through critical and reflective thinking, students gain the knowledge and skills (i.e., cross-cultural competency, ethical reasoning, etc.) necessary to become engaged citizens in the Buffalo region and beyond. Students’ viewpoints are broadened through peer-to-peer facilitation as they learn how to apply theory to practice.

Every year the Honors College partners with a number of community organizations, all of which are actively making Buffalo a better place to live. Students are asked to take a look at our Community Partners page and examine the organizations that we have worked with in the past.

Service-Learning Tracks

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