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Please Note: Honors Scholars already enrolled in departmental internship/co-op credit (e.g., MAE 496, ES 429, theatre practicums) do not need to follow the process detailed below in order to receive Honors experience credit as the credits will automatically be picked up during our review.

If your department is not able to offer you internship credit, you can still receive Honors credit by submitting an Honors Petition. Honors Experience Credits earned through petition are not registered credit and will only count towards honors experiences. These credits will not appear on student transcripts. Requests for Honor Experience credit via the petition process should be submitted by the following deadlines:

Petitions received after the aforementioned deadlines will be reviewed in the following cycle. Decisions will relayed to you via email within 4 weeks of the posted deadlines.

In order to complete the petition process, you will be asked to submit a reflection paper to the Honors College and for your supervisor's contact information. When you submit the petition completion form, your supervisor will be automatically be sent request to confirm the number of hours you completed in this experience. Your supervisor will not receive your reflection paper. Petitions will not be accepted and added to your Honors record without supervisor approval.

Last updated: September 03, 2019 4:30 pm EST