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Honors Experience Petition

Occasionally, an Honors student will complete a noteworthy experience and not earn academic credit or pursue an experience that does not fit into the existing categories of Honors Experiences. When this occurs, the student may petition to include the experience towards their Honors credits.

Submit Your Honors Experience Petition and Digital Badge

Some examples of successful petitions include:

  • Internship experiences completed outside of a decanal unit.
  • Research experiences completed outside of a decanal unit at UB or Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) at another institution.
  • UB’s URGE to Compute program.
  • UB Honors Alternative Spring Break.
  • UB’s CSTEP program.
  • Tutoring with Tutoring & Academic Support Services.
  • Volunteering at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital.

*Volunteer hours must be confirmed by a supervisor and students must be able to make a connection between their volunteer experience and their academics and/or career goals.

Starting a New Honors Petition

The Honors College is partnering with the Experiential Learning Network (ELN) to enhance honors experiences and the petition process. Through this partnership, you will earn both honors credits and an ELN digital badge.

Six sample digitial badges.

Screenshot of the ELN showing where to click the buttonsThe Honors Experience Petition is embedded within the ELN Digital Badge, so you will submit your petition for approval in the sign-up form to begin the digital badge.

Simply click the button to get started, and when you arrive at the “Starting the Project” section, please select “yes” and “Honors College Experience Credit” from the list of UB programs.

Submit Your Honors Experience Petition and Digital Badge

After you complete the experience and earned the digital badge, your mentor/supervisor will automatically be sent a request to confirm the number of hours you completed during the experience. Your supervisor will not receive your reflection or any other materials submitted. Petitions will not be accepted and added to your Honors record without supervisor approval.

The hours noted on this petition will only be applied to Honors Experiences and, therefore, will not count towards major or degree credit requirements. For every 45 hours invested in the endeavor, the petition process would award you one Honors Experience credit, up to a maximum of six credit hours.

Please be specific in your explanation as to why you chose to pursue this opportunity and how it pertains to your academic and professional goals. You will be notified via automated email once a decision has been made on your request. If you have any questions, please contact the Honors College at 716-645-3020 or by email at

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