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Honors Seminars

The UB Honors Seminar is the entryway to your UB education within the Honors College. Small in size and centered around critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and reflective discussion, you learn from distinguished faculty how to meet and manage the rigorous academic demands of our world-class university.

Some examples of Honors Seminars include:

  • African Past to Afro Future: The Black Experience in the Americas
  • Ancient Artifacts
  • Architecture and Mass Media
  • Arguing with God: The Art of Disagreement
  • Art History
  • Athletics and the University
  • Brazilian Film
  • Buffalo Rome: Food and Culture—Then and Now
  • Business in Society
  • Conflicts in Science: Religion, Politics and Ethics
  • Contemporary Warfare
  • Conversations in the Arts
  • Digital Poetics
  • Empathizing with Empathy
  • French and Francophone Contemporary Avant-Gardes
  • Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Society
  • Heaven, Hell and Judgment
  • Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • Interpreting Biblical Literature
  • Italian Cinematic Histories and Poetics
  • Justice: What’s the Right Thing
  • Learning, Plasticity, and Personal Informatics
  • Mayan Civilization
  • On the Edge
  • Persuasion
  • Selfish Slackers? Millennials Making the Transition
  • Sexual Communication
  • The Intelligent Design Controversy
  • Viewing the World as a Network
  • Walking Dictionaries
  • Wealth & Poverty
  • What is Feminism
  • What They Died From

Please email the Honors College if you have any questions regarding Honors Seminars.

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