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Honors Freshman Seminars

The UB Honors Freshman Seminar is the entryway to your UB education within the Honors College. Small in size and centered around critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and reflective discussion, you learn from distinguished faculty how to meet and manage the rigorous academic demands of our world-class university.

The following 3-credit Honors Seminars were previously offered to Honors Scholars not majoring in Engineering, Architecture, or Computer Science:

  • APY 199: Contemporary Warfare, Vasiliki Neofotistos
  • APY 199: Four Horsemen and the Apocalypse, Ezra Zubrow
  • CHE 199: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Troy Wood
  • CL 199: Buffalo Rome: Food and Culture-Then and Now, Martha Malamud
  • COM 199: Persuasion, Tom Feely
  • ENG 199: Walking Dictionaries, Walt Hakala
  • ENG 199: Real Life: Telling Stories, Arabella Lyon
  • ENG 199: Hollywood and American Literature, William Solomon
  • HIS 199: Athletics and the University, Patrick McDevitt
  • GGS 199: What is Feminism, Lakisha Simmons
  • LAW 199: Justice: What’s the Right Thing, Luis Chiesa
  • MTH 199: Viewing the World as a Network, Sarah Muldoon
  • PSY 199: Learning, Plasticity, and Personal Informatics, Eduardo Mercado
  • SOC 199: Selfish Slackers? Millennials Making the Transition, Ashley Barr

The following one-credit Honors Seminars were previously offered for Honors Scholars majoring in Engineering, Architecture, or Computer Science.

  • HON 214:1st Amendment and Religion, David Gerber
  • HON 214: The Art of Motion, Melanie Aceto
  • HON 214: Empathizing with Empathy, Erica Goddard
  • HON 214: Freedom of Expression Conflicts in Twentieth Century America, David Gerber
  • HON 214: Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Society, Patrick McDevitt
  • HON 214: Leadership Communication, Lance Rintamaki
  • HON 214: Marketing Yourself: How to Tell Your Story Uniquely, Marc Adler
  • HON 214: The Philosophy and Literature of Memory, Steven Miller
  • HON 214: Writing as a Form of Knowledge, Howard Wolf

Honors Seminars Offered under the previous General Education Curriculum to all freshmen:

  • AHI 101: Art History, L. Vance Watrous
  • APY 449: Mayan Civilization, Barbara Tedlock
  • APY 410: Cities, Citizenship and Civic Engagement, Deborah Reed-Danahay
  • ARC 486: Architecture and Mass Media, Edward Steinfeld
  • CL 410: Ancient Artifacts, Phil Kiernan
  • COM 492: Sexual Communication, Lance Rintamaki
  • DMS 225: Digital Poetics, Loss Pequeno Glazier
  • ENG 339: American Poetry and Everyday Life, Stacy Hubbard
  • ENG 349: British and American Literature, Stacy Hubbard
  • ENG 371: Queer Studies, Tim Dean
  • ENG 374/499: Bible as Literature, Diane Christian
  • ENG 375/ENG 499: Heaven, Hell and Judgment, Diane Christian
  • ENG 377/499: Mythology, Diane Christian
  • ENG 383: Studies in World Literature, Walter Hakala
  • FR 482: French and Francophone Contemporary Avant-Gardes, Jean-Jacques Thomas
  • HIS 403: African Past to Afro Future: The Black Experience in the Americas, Dalia Muller
  • HIS 407: Church-State and Religious Liberty Issues in the American Past and Present, David Gerber
  • HIS 475: Great War and European Society, Patrick McDevitt
  • HON 212: Conflicts in Science: Religion, Politics and Ethics, Michael Detty and Reverend Christopher Luedde
  • HON 214: Sustainability Capstone Course (Upperclassmen Only), Ryan McPherson
  • HON 214: Tolkien's Middle Earth, Troy Wood
  • HON 214: Telling Stories/Seeing Stories, Henry Schlegel
  • HON 214 (SPE): Debt from Wall Street to Main Street, Dan Sperrazza
  • HON 214 (HON): What They Died From, Peter Nickerson
  • HON 214 (KRO): Global Cities in the 21st Century, Aaron Krolikowski
  • HON 215: Crime in the City, Team Taught
  • HON 252: Service Learning in Buffalo Public Schools, Joe Gardella
  • ITA 429: Italian Cinematic Histories and Poetics, Laura Chiesa
  • JDS 111: Arguing with God: The Art of Disagreement, Sergey Dolgopolski
  • MGG 150: Business in Society, Debbie Grossman
  • MUS: On the Edge, Jean Kopperud
  • PHC 250: Apothecarial Adventures, Kathy Boje
  • PHI 129: The Intelligent Design Controversy, James Beebe
  • PHI 129: Understanding Probability and Randomness, James Beebe
  • PHI 391: Existentialism/Phenomenology, Kah Kyung Cho
  • POR 402: Brazilian Film, Justin Read
  • PSC 540: International Law, Claude Welch (Junior or Senior Standing Only)
  • PSY 446: Aminal Cognition, Eduardo Mercado
  • RSP 200: Christian Apologetics, John Mansfield
  • RSP 249: Interpreting Biblical Literature, John Mansfield
  • RSP 286: CS Lewis, John Mansfield
  • SOC 331: Wealth & Poverty, Erin Hatton
  • UE 152: Conversations in the Arts, Sheldon Berlow
  • UGC 302: Biosurfaces, Robert Baier (Upperclassmen Only)
  • UGC 111: World Civilizations 1, Livingston Watrous, Maureen Donnelly, Don McGuire, Thomas Barry, and Warren Barbour
  • UGC 112: World Civilizations 2, Don McGuire, Claude Welch, Andres Daum, Nancy Anderson, and Hal Langfur
  • UGC 211: American Pluralism, Jorge Guitart, and Ramon Soto-Crespo
  • UE 253: Sexuality, Team Taught
  • UE 254: What They Died From, Peter Nickerson
  • UE 256: Conflicts in Science: Religion, Politics and Ethics, Michael Detty and Reverend Luedde

Please email the Honors College if you have any questions regarding Honors Seminars.

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