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Research and Creativity Fund

The Honors College Research and Creativity Fund enables undergraduate students to receive grants which defray expenses directly related to research and other creative activities. This program is supported through funds from the Office of the Provost and is administered by the University Honors Council. The grants are available only for University at Buffalo students participating in the Honors College (either as “regular” or “Advanced” Honors). Grants can not ask for funding for non-Honors College individuals. The maximum funding available is $5,000 per grant and awarded amounts may be less depending upon availability of funds.

Proposals are processed by the Honors College and reviewed by the Honors Council, which consists of faculty, administrators, Honors students and staff members from the Honors College. Applications for spring funding will be due on November 1 and for summer and fall funding on March 1.

Applications and supporting materials for this fund are available through the Honors College. Applications and supporting materials are sent electronically to Tim Tryjankowski at by 3 p.m. on the deadline.

Questions regarding the application process should be directed to Tim Tryjankowski at

Examples of Funded Research

Please note: All awards received by a student must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid. You will be notified if this award impacts your eligibility for other types of financial assistance. In most cases, your financial aid eligibility will remain unchanged due to the expenses associated with your research.

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