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Research and Creativity Fund

Application Deadlines


The University Honors College Research and Creativity Fund (UHCR&CF) is intended to enable undergraduate Honors students to receive grants which defray expenses directly related to research and other creative activities.  This program is supported through funds from the Office of the Provost and administered by the Honors College Research and Creativity Fund Committee. 

These research and creativity fund grants are available only for University at Buffalo students who are in good standing in the Honors College.  The maximum total project funding available is $1,000 per grant (applicants should not request funding beyond this limit).  Amounts granted may be less than requested depending upon the availability of funds and necessity of each budgeted item.  The majority of funds will be managed and administered through a sub-project with the faculty mentor serving as Principal Investigator (PI).

Proposals are reviewed by the Honors College Research and Creativity Fund Committee.  Details concerning funding decisions:

General Instructions

Read and follow all instructions carefully to avoid delay, misunderstanding, or rejection of application. 

A completed application must contain:

Please submit all required forms/application materials electronically to Tim Tryjankowski in the Honors College ( by 3:00 p.m. on the due date.

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