Students helping build a house for a community service project.

Honors College Academic Enrichment Fund

The Honors College Academic Enrichment Fund is intended to provide financial support to Honors scholars seeking to participate in scholarly activities related to their academic interests or to aid in the completion of their Honors thesis. This grant is available only to University at Buffalo students who are in good standing in the Honors College, including making satisfactory progress towards the completion of their Honors curriculum. The typical award amount is $500; however students are welcome to make a case for funding beyond this amount, if warranted. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and typically are reviewed at the end of each month by the Honors College. Only applications that follow the instructions below and are submitted in their entirety to the Honors College at will be considered for funding.

Examples of funded activities include but are not limited to: Presenting at conferences, field school participation, dance intensives, copies needed to gather data during the thesis process (i.e. surveys, questionnaires), presentation materials (poster printing, etc.).

Please note: All awards received by a student must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid. You will be notified if this award impacts your eligibility for other types of financial assistance. In most cases, your financial aid eligibility will remain unchanged due to the expenses associated with your research.

Honors College Academic Enrichment Fund Application (PDF)

Last updated: April 12, 2021 12:07 pm EST