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Honors Freshmen Kickoff

All incoming Honors College students will kick off their academic career by attending Honors Freshmen Kickoff. This mandatory program provides an in-depth look at what it means to be an Honors Scholar and connects incoming Honors students to their academic advisor, peers and the greater Buffalo community. Details concerning Honors Kickoff will be sent via email throughout the summer.

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Being an Honors Scholar

We make it easy to work hard.

Honors scholars enjoy many benefits designed to foster academic and personal success. And in a community where the small moments are as important as the big milestones, the Honors College offers many resources that keep the everyday interesting.

  • Personalized advisement. The Honors staff will work with students individually to plan their semester schedules and to outline the best methods for achieving their long-term academic goals. They are general guides, facilitators and advocates throughout an Honors student’s undergraduate years at UB.
  • Faculty mentors. During their first year, Honors students are assigned a faculty mentor from their major who will help them build, finesse and fulfill their academic plan. Mentors serve as teachers, academic advisors and confidants. They are an excellent resource and contact for Honors students who are entering their chosen discipline.
  • Priority registration. Honors students register for classes first, before all other university students—guaranteeing they receive the courses needed each semester to achieve their academic plans.
  • Access to unique funding opportunities. Honors students receive personal guidance in applying for national fellowships and scholarships. Many UB students have been recipients of National Science Foundation fellowships, Udall Scholarships, Department of Defense scholarships, Marshall scholarships, and Goldwater scholarships.
  • Honors Living Communities. Honors students with similar interests may live together in the Governors and Greiner residence halls.
  • Access to the Honors-only Don Schack Student Lounge. A unique space for Honors students to meet, study and relax. Here conversation turns into collaboration and studying is taken seriously.
  • Transcript notation. When graduating from UB, Honors students receive a permanent notation on their transcript indicating their special status as a University Honors Scholar.
  • Intimate graduation ceremony. In addition to the academic department commencement ceremony, the Honors College hosts a personalized event where all Honors scholars are celebrated and their accomplishments are recognized.
  • A network of connections that matter. The Honors community extends far beyond graduation. With a supportive group of alumni around the globe, Honors students make connections with great people doing great things.

Early Assurance and Dual Admissions Programs for Accepted Honors Students

  • Pharmacy Early Assurance Program

    Accepted pharmacy freshmen are afforded admission directly to the UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree Early Assurance Program (EA) 2+4=6 option. During the two years of undergraduate study and to maintain one’s seat, students must maintain a 3.3 prerequisite GPA, successfully complete an interview, and adhere to all Early Assurance Program Requirements.

  • School of Nursing Dual Admission Program

    Honors Nursing students are guaranteed admission to the upper division Traditional BS in Nursing program provided they satisfy the requirements of the Honors College and the Nursing program. To maintain their seat in the program students must be in good standing with the Honors College, satisfy the School of Nursing minimum admission requirements including prerequisite courses, overall and prerequisite GPA requirements, and submit the Nursing supplemental application all by January 15, typically in their sophomore year.

  • Doctor of Nursing Practice Early Assurance Program

    If you are interested in pursuing the adult clinical nurse specialist or nurse practitioner programs in adult, family, or psych/mental, consider applying through the early assurance program that waives the GRE/MAT requirement. To be eligible, you must have completed at least 100 credit hours of undergraduate study prior to applying and have earned minimum Nursing GPA of 3.5 in your bachelor’s degree program. For more information and to apply, please visit the School of Nursing’s website.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy Dual Admission Program

    Undergraduate Exercise Science majors who are members of the University Honors College are guaranteed acceptance to the Doctorate Physical Therapy program as long as they maintain eligibility to be in good standing with the Honors College and meet the necessary admissions requirements for the DPT program, including minimum GRE scores and prerequisite GPA of 3.5 or higher. Students in the Honors College must apply to the DPT program and submit their completed application by the stated deadline.

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