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Current Students

Individuals who inspire.

Our Honors scholars are part of a diverse community—a home where outstanding individuals inspire each other to be more. More curious. More accomplished. More than who they thought they could be.

Honors scholars are encouraged to find ways to get involved. And here in the Honors College, the possibilities are endless. We provide an array of unique experiences on and off campus.

Ways to get involved.

  • Honors Student Ambassadors

    The Honors Student Ambassadors are a dynamic group of students who share their experiences at UB and in the Honors College with prospective students. Honors Student Ambassadors give campus tours or meet with families during visits to campus. Watch your email for information about applying to be an Honors Ambassador.

  • Honors Connections: Peer Mentoring Program

    The Honors Connections Peer Mentoring Program is designed to help first-year students adjust to life at UB and the Honors experience. The Honors Student Council created this program considering the unique needs of their peers. Many current mentors wished they had a program like this when they first arrived on campus.

    Program Objectives

    • Help first-year students adjust to life at UB and the Honors experience.
    • Encourage active participation in the Honors College community.
    • Foster mutually beneficial and positive relationships between Honors scholars.

    Mentor Details

    An Honors Connections mentor’s role is to help new students adjust to college and serve as a resource regarding student involvement, campus life, study skills or things to see and do in Buffalo. Mentors are asked to communicate with their assigned first-year student(s) prior to the first day of class, meet with their mentee(s) during the first two weeks of classes, encourage participation in Honors College and campus-wide activities and help answer general questions or concerns their mentee(s) may have. In general, we hope the mentor will make the transition to college a little easier for our new Honors College scholars.

    Mentee Details

    As a new Honors scholar, we expect you will have many questions. How do I get involved on campus? Where are the best places to eat? How do I get off campus? Where can I find Bonner Hall? The Honors Connections program will help you successfully transition to life as a college student and scholar. This peer-mentoring program will match you with an accomplished upperclassman, providing an opportunity for you to connect with someone who has been in your shoes.

    Once paired, you will receive your mentor’s name and a brief bio. Before arriving on campus, your mentor will reach out to you allowing you to pick their brains about life on campus. Once you arrive at UB, your mentor may offer to take you on a tour of campus to find your classes, have coffee or attend events. Throughout the first semester, there will be additional opportunities to engage with your mentor and all other Honors Connections students. We hope you see this program as an chance to ask some questions, meet new friends and start to become part of the Honors family. The opportunity to sign-up for Honors Connections will be included in your freshmen pre-advising survey.

    Sign Up to Become a Mentor

    Applications to be a mentor will be available in the spring semester. The Honors College will assign mentees during the summer. Please watch your weekly Honors Highlights and UB email for more information.

    For more information, please contact the Honors College at

  • Colloquium Teaching Assistants

    Honors scholars have the opportunity to earn credit toward their Honors experiences by teaching a Colloquium course as early as their sophomore year. Each year, the Honors College solicits outstanding upper-class students to apply to be Honors teaching assistants for HON 102: Freshmen Honors Colloquium. In addition to attending training sessions, teaching assistants lead course discussions, participate in weekly meetings, serve as a mentor to students, grade assignments, provide feedback and assistance to the course instructor, maintain office hours, and act as a liaison between students and community partners.

  • Honors Student Council (HSC)

    The Honors Student Council (HSC) strives to foster a close-knit community of UB Honors scholars. All scholars in the Honors College are by default members of HSC and encouraged to participate in any HSC meetings and events that reflect the diverse perspectives of Honors scholars, define and lead service initiatives to help sustain interest in Honors’ culture of service, support the academic and professional growth of students by providing a platform through which to connect students of similar interests and aspirations, foster a mutually beneficial relationship between current Honors scholars and alumni, and connect Honors scholars with the greater Buffalo community.

    Throughout the year, HSC hosts various social events to help keep Honors scholars connected. Previous events include:

    • Halloween Party
    • Friendsgiving
    • Therapy Dog Days
    • Trivia Night
    • Study Breaks

    For more information, please email the Honors College at If you are an Honors scholar, please check out the weekly Honors Highlights email for more information on events and meetings.

Last updated: March 06, 2023 10:21 am EST