UB Honors Council members in the lobby of the Honors College.

Honors Student Council

The Honors Student Council, or HSC, strives to foster a close-knit community of UB Honors Scholars. All scholars in the Honors College are by default members of HSC and encouraged to participate in any HSC meetings and events.


  1. Regularly hosting a wide variety of events that reflect the diverse perspectives of Honors scholars,
  2. Defining and leading service initiatives, to help sustain interest in Honors’ culture of service,
  3. Supporting academic and professional growth of students by providing a platform through which to connect students of similar interests and aspirations,
  4. Fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between current Honors scholars and alumni, and
  5. Connecting Honors scholars with the greater Buffalo community.

Honors Student Council Officers

Portrait of Devashish AgarwalDevashish Agarwal - President - da48@buffalo.edu
Hi everyone! I'm Devashish Agarwal and I'm HSC President this year. I'm an international student from Agra, India so if anyone wants free tickets to the Taj Mahal, I'm the guy to call. I'm a junior computer science major with minor in management. I like being busy and involved and thus am part of many different clubs (and on the executive board of 3), Student Association and definitely, Honors College and Council. I love making friends, so if you find a random guy walking up to you and saying hi, it is probably me. Just in case that does not happen, you'll usually find me in the Honors lounge: feel free to say hi. I'm very excited to be part of Council this year and more excited for everyone in Honors because of the awesome events we are going to put on. I want everyone to make great friends and build a strong Honors community. I'm a proud HoNerd and want everyone to be too ;) Feel free to email me or Facebook message me to know more about getting involved in Honors and in UB.

Portrait of Lauren CzolgoszLauren Czolgosz - Director of Activities
Hi guys! My name is Lauren Czolgosz and I am a junior here at UB. I am a health and human services major with a concentration in social gerontology and a public health minor. I want to eventually go to nursing school, and upon graduation work as an RN in a hospice care or nursing home setting. The Honors College is by far my favorite part of my college experience here at UB, I have made so many friends through Honors and I hope that some of the events that I have planned for this year will help you to do the same! From decorating pumpkins, to trivia night, to having Elevenses at 11pm, we are in for some super fun times this year-- hope to see you there!

Portrait of Amanda LevyAmanda Levy - Secretary
Amanda is a senior at UB who is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Biological Sciences. She is an Advanced Honor Scholar. In addition to being Secretary for HSC, she is also the President of UB’s Psi Chi Chapter and a Research Assistant for the Social Development Lab. After graduation, Amanda plans to spend a year working in a medically-related field prior to attending medical school.

Portrait of Anxhela NezhaAnxhela Nezha - Director of Marketing & Advertising
Hello all! My name is Anxhela Nezha and I am a junior Biomedical Sciences and Medicinal Chemistry major. I am the HSC Director of Advertising for this year. My reason for becoming a part of the HSC is because I have had a passion ever since high school in taking part and organizing events that bring the school community together. Therefore, what better way to bring Honors Scholars together than organizing events we can all partake in and enjoy. I chose the position of Director of Advertising because I wanted to utilize my artistic background so I can draw everyone in the Honors College to HSC events so they too can experience the fun I have come to know. I especially enjoy the study breaks and therapy dog days HSC holds and wish for every Honors student to enjoy all that the Honors College has to offer as much as I do. I eventually wish to go to medical school and become a doctor who is able to bring her community together and aid those in need.

Portrait of Mike ShiMike Shi - Director of Public Service
Hey all! My name is Mike Shi and I am a senior Biomedical Sciences major and your HSC Director of Public Service. Even as a Western New York local, I rarely participated in public service prior to entering the Honors College at UB. I feel lucky that I ended up at UB because my service experiences have been some of the most important aspects of my personal development over these 4 years. They’ve helped me develop perspective and compassion towards the diverse population that makes up not only Buffalo, but many other cities in our country. Service is the reason that I am going to medical school. It is why I plan to become a doctor that addresses disparities and other systemic issues in my community. So get excited to participate in public service because I want to help you meet new people, expose yourselves to new environments, address new issues, and actualize your future goals.

Portrait of Anthony TaboniAnthony Taboni - Treasurer
Hello everyone! My name is Anthony Taboni, and I am the treasurer for Honors Student Council. I am from Buffalo and am always eager to recommend fun things to do in any season. I am a junior Math and Political Science double major, and I was the secretary for Honors Student Council last year. The Honors College is a second home to me here at UB, and you can often find me sitting in the lounge or at HSC events. In my free time, I play ukulele and analyze U.S. Supreme Court opinions. I intend to study Judicial Politics in graduate school, and Honors has been instrumental in helping me find the right path. I am very exited to be a part of HSC again and for all the events we have planned for this year.

Additional positions include Members-at-Large and community liaisons. These students have agreed to represent the interests of scholars from residential or academic communities.

HSC Events

Honors Student Council hosts various social events throughout the year to help keep Honors Scholars connected. Previous events include:

If you are a current Honors College Scholar, please check out UBLinked and the weekly Honors Highlights Email for more information on events and meetings.

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