4 Honors scholars in their graduation attire..

Honors College Graduation

Ceremony Details

The Honors College will host its annual Graduation Celebration on Thursday, May 19, 2022, at 6 p.m. at the Center for the Arts on the University at Buffalo North Campus.
Coordinator contact info: Karyn St. George (kcs9@buffalo.edu)


Students who have both applied for graduation through the University and are on track to finish their Honors credits by the end of semester are eligible to walk in the Honors College Ceremony.


An email to register for the Honors College Ceremony will be emailed out at a later date with information regarding what is needed to register.


At this current time, the Honors College plans to give every Honors Student who is walking in graduation four tickets. There may be some other tickets available by randomized lottery at a later date and students will be notified about how to submit for those ticket requests.

Day-Of Ceremony Arrival Details for Grads

Information will be provided to all students closer to the ceremony date as information becomes more available regarding COVID response.

Accessibility Accommodations

Guests of graduating honors students who need accommodations, should check out the guest info section in the Commencement Information. If further accommodation is needed (including a sign language interpreter) please contact the Honors College as soon as possible and accommodations will be made.

Additional Information

University at Buffalo Commencement Information

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