UB Honors College students participating in community service in Buffalo.

Living Learning Communities

At UB, you have the unique opportunity to live with like-minded students in our popular Living Learning Communities, typically located in our residence halls. The Honors College Greiner Hall Shared Interest Housing (SIH) is currently suspended; however, there are a number of opportunities for you to live with other students who share your interests. Please check out our campus partners below for more information on these communities.

The Experiential Learning Network

All students residing in Experiential Learning Network Sophomore Living Learning Community will participate in a project aimed at making a tangible, real-world impact on a local or global community. Students will work on a team mentored by a faculty member, receive funding to support their project, take a 2 credit fall course and 1 credit spring course. Second-year students who are accepted into the program live together in the same area of Greiner Hall.

Engineering Special Interest Housing

The Engineering SIH offers students majoring in an engineering program to live in a space together to collaborate on assignments, participate in experiential learning projects, develop skills employers will be seeking, and learn more about opportunities in their career field. Housed in Fargo Hall. Required to attend 2 workshops per semester and develop a collegiate career plan. Limited to Sophomore Engineering majors.

More info on submitting an application.

Architecture Special Interest Housing

Architecture Special Interest Housing is a community where upper-class students studying architecture or environmental design can live together and learn from each another. Additional opportunities include mentoring the first-year architecture community and participating in career exploration programming. Open to sophomore, junior and senior architecture students, this special interest housing is located in Clement Hall on the South Campus.

More info on submitting an application.

Last updated: May 13, 2019 8:41 am EST