UB Honors Council members in the lobby of the Honors College.

Honors Student Organizations

Looking to get involved? Contact honors@buffalo.edu for more information on our student-run organizations.

Honors Student Council (HSC)

The Honors Student Council, or HSC, strives to foster a close-knit community of UB Honors Scholars. All scholars in the Honors College are by default members of HSC and encouraged to participate in any HSC meetings and events that reflect the diverse perspectives of Honors scholars, define and lead service initiatives to help sustain interest in Honors’ culture of service, support the academic and professional growth of students by providing a platform through which to connect students of similar interests and aspirations, foster a mutually beneficial relationship between current Honors scholars and alumni, and connect Honors scholars with the greater Buffalo community.

Throughout the year, HSC hosts various social events to help keep Honors Scholars connected. Previous events include:

  • Halloween Party
  • Friendsgiving
  • Therapy Dog Days
  • Trivia Night
  • Study Breaks

If you are a current Honors College Scholar, please check out the weekly Honors Highlights Email for more information on events and meetings.

Honors/Acker Student of Color Council (HASOCC)

The Honors-Acker Student of Color Council is an intentional space where students of color from the Honors College and Acker Scholars Program can come together to share their experiences, facilitate meetings, plan programs and provide recommendations to the Honors College and Acker Scholars Program.

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